Faro to Porto – A Travel Photography Roadtrip through Portugal

Better late than never! It’s time to give you some insights of my roadtrip from Faro to Porto. The reason why I chose this small country as my destination is simple: beautiful weather, old and interesting cities and a coast with a great reputation. Sounds like a pretty cool destination for a Travel Photographer, doesn’t it?

Nevertheless, I didn’t have high expectations. The one thing I wanted to achieve was a clear shot of the milky way for my landscape portfolio. I never got lucky enough to get a clear sky at the right place in the summer season. Due to that I started my trip in Faro, drove west to Lagos, made my way up to Lisbon and finished my Roadtrip in Porto (you can find the drone movie below the article).

Ponta da Piedade during Sunrise
A wonderful Sunset close to Lagos: Ponta da Piedade.

My first days were characterized by the rough coast and beaches between Faro and Lagos. The rough coast of the Algarve with it’s rock formations was the perfect place to capture some nice sunrises and sunsets. Especially the area around Lagos is full of beautiful locations for Travel Photography. The best thing: you can easily avoid the tourist crowds if you visit these places before 11am or after 5pm. Perfect conditions for nice landscape captures!

My personal recommendations in this area are Praia de Benagil, Praia de Gale and of the nice cliffs of Ponta da Piedade next to Lagos.

Rough Sea at the Beach of Praia de Gala.
Impressive Rocks at Praia de Gale.


After leaving the shiny coast of the algarve, I headed west to the less crowded area at the Atlantic. The temperature at this side of the country is colder and you don’t see that many tourist any more. Most of them are surfers who enjoy the high waves between the steep coast. A great place for some Astrophotography!


After several attempts, I finally got my Milky Way shot a few miles away from Praia De Vila Nova Milfontes (Tip: visit the wooden restaurant next to the beach, the fresh fish is awesome!). I drove nearly thirty minutes through pure darkness, until I found the perfect spot. The conditions were promising and offered me a marvelous sky full of stars. The ultimate view on my roadtrip from Faro to Porto, what an experience!


From Faro to Porto: The Milky Way over the Atlantic.
Landscape in No-Man’s-Land: The Milky Way over the Atlantic.


Time to experience a city! After a week full of nature and landscapes it was time get back in the society. Lisbon is a perfect daytrip if you travel from Faro to Porto. The city centre is walkable and full of small bars and cafes. The yellow trams help you to climb up the hills (the city is build on seven of them!) and the shops sell you tons of souvenirs. A traditional city with a wonderful atmosphere!


People who love Street Photography should’t skip Lisbon on their way from Faro to Porto. The small streets offer plenty different photo motives. Just open your eyes!

In the Centre of Lisbon: Small Streets and Yellow Trams.
Small Streets and Yellow Trams: The Centre of Lisbon.


The drive from Faro to Porto was exhausting. Beeing on the road every day is great, but makes you tired at some point. Reason enough to spend the last days in the hometown of port wine. Porto is a great place to have good food for cheap prices (as long as you avoid the main tourist restaurants). Tip: visit a port wine cellar paired with a tasting. I tried Grahams and really enjoyed the different flavours!

My favorite part in the city was the  Ponte Dom Luís I, an old bridge with a great architecture. The lookout next to Gaia is the perfect location to take an magnificient panorama of the city. I highly recommend the blue hour to capture all the glowing lights of the old town.

Porto during the Blue Hour.
Last Stop: Porto, Ponte Dom Luís I during the Blue Hour.

Last but not least: my drone movie. It was a tough job to get the permission from the National Aviation Authority to fly my drone in Portugal, but in the end it was totally worth the effort. The result is a short movie with my personal highlights of the trip. Take care and enjoy the view!



  1. I will visit Portugal in Mai with my family. Faro and Porto are both on our bucket list. Thanks for the great information and inspiration. Beautiful Photos by the way!

  2. Wow Lukas, I love your photos! Now I want to travel again and discover the world. I’ve never been to Portugal, but your trip from Faro to Porto seems like an awesome route. Can you recommend any hotels?


    1. Hey Marie, thanks a lot for your Feedback. I stayed at Airbnb’s during my roadtrip. There are plenty hotels in the big cities (Faro, Lagos, Lissabon, Porto), but I prefered to stay with the locals during my trip.

      Best regards

  3. Wow! The drone video is awesome!

    I love your work, keep doing such great shots and videos 🙂

    – Susan

  4. My husband and I are planning on taking 7-10 days driving from Porto to Faro, when you said the drive was exhausting how long did it take you? and did you stop along the way?

    1. Hey Nicole, it really depends which route you gonna take. If you are driving down to Sagres, 7 days are not enough (in my opinion). You can easily spend three to five days at the Algarve Coast. Take your time and enjoy this beautiful country!

      – Lukas

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