Travel Photography

Being a professional travel photographer is magical. It allows you, to capture unique landscapes and cities around the whole globe. Mystique cloud formations, glowing sunsets; Travel Photography transforms these breathtaking moments into lasting memories. Creating such beautiful photographs is a privilege of our generation which I am really grateful for.

Landscape Photography

The Beauty of Nature

For me, landscape photography is about peace and silence in nature. Due to that, the hike itself is already as important as the final result. After all, there are barely better ways to enjoy nature than wandering trough a rough canyon or reaching a spot right on time. My landscape photography portfolio reveals my personal journey as Travel Photographer through nature. Discover outstanding lakes, rough mountain peaks and impressive sunsets.

City Photography

Spectacular Architecture

City photography provides the perfect contrast to the natural environment: urban constructions created by humans. The camera helps to realize how much time and knowledge was needed to build these monuments. Feel free to get to know my city and architecture portfolio. Explore remarkable cityscapes characterized by glowing lights, magnificent bridges and the impressive art of human engineering in urban environments.

Travel Impressions by Drone

You want to know where a professional travel photographer takes his pictures?
The following travel impressions feature some of the most beautiful locations in Europe. The whole video material was filmed by drone and created in between different types of shootings. A perfect way, to capture landscapes and urban environments from a whole new perspective.

Follow my road trip across Scotland (Highlands & Isle of Skye) with my drone. Explore historical places, rough landscapes and the beauty of the sea.

Enter the impressive island of Madeira (Portugal). A travel photography location full of stunning landscapes, steep hikes and rough mountain peaks.

Discover the most beautiful landscapes of South-Tirol (Dolomites, Italy). A region full of green nature, rough mountains and turquoise lakes. Perfect locations for a travel photographer!

Travel Photography Blog

Take a look behind the scenes of a professional travel photographer. Get exclusive insights about my personal photography life. Discover blog articles about different locations and photo-spots around the whole world. Take a look at some of my recent photography projects and learn new facts about specific photography topics. Feel free to express your opinion!

Northern Lights Photography at Lofoten Islands – Norway

My recent trip lead me to Lofoten, a small group of small Islands in Nordland, Norway. The location is famous for its dramatic mountains, white beaches and its untouched countryside. A great place to settle back and enjoy the purity of nature. Due to that, I chose...

Saxon Switzerland National Park – Landscape Photography in Autumn

The Saxon Switzerland National Park is one of the most beautiful places for landscape photography in Germany. It covers an area of 93 square kilometers and is located between Pirna and the Czech border. The region is shaped by sandstones,...

Photography in France – Landscapes of Provence & Tour du Mont Blanc

My last trip took me to the third largest country in Europe: France. A region, which is famous for delicious wines, modern fashion and tasty food. Besides that, it's a paradise for travel photographers. The country offers a fantastic diversity of different...

Exploring Isle of Skye – Landscape Photography in Scotland

Skye, a Scottish Island far away from the busy cities of this world. A place for nature lovers, hiker and landscape photographers. With just 10.000 residents it's one of the less crowded areas I have ever visited. In some way it reminded me of...

Winter in Germany – Landscapes of Rügen Island

What a cold winter! Regularly, people associate a very particular image with the winter in Germany: a grey sky, temperatures around zero degrees and no snow (except you are living in the alps). Due to this, I was really surprised of the freezing temperatures in...

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