Places you have to see in Budapest: The Hungarian Parliament Building

City Photography in Hungary –
5 Places you have to see in Budapest

No doubt, the capital of Hungary is the perfect place for a City Photographer. To be honest, Budapest was not on top of my travel list. The intential reason for this trip were cheap flights. Nevertheless, there are plenty more reasons to choose it as your next travel location. One of them is the impressive architecture with its historical constructions. Another…

From Faro to Porto - A Roadtrip through Portugal

Faro to Porto – A Travel Photography Roadtrip through Portugal

Better late than never! It’s time to give you some insights of my roadtrip from Faro to Porto. The reason why I chose this small country as my destination is simple: beautiful weather, old and interesting cities and a coast with a great reputation. Sounds like a pretty cool destination for a Travel Photographer, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, I didn’t have…