It has been a while since I published my last blog article. Reason enough, to give a short overview about my landscape photography trip to Tuscany. Let me introduce you some of my favorite images and photo spots of this beautiful region.

The landscapes of Tuscany are located in the middle of Italy. The area is well known for its beautiful countryside, traditional villages and of course, excellent wineries. Reason enough, to leave Germany for some landscape photography in Tuscany.

I chose autumn for my trip because it’s less crowded than summer and offers the great chance of some moody morning mist. But all four seasons offer plenty possibilities for photographers:

  • Spring: Intensive green colors and beautiful flowers, chances of morning fog.
  • Summer: Best weather, main season for regular tourists.
  • Autumn: Earth tones define the landscape, best chances of morning fog.
  • Winter: Nearly no tourists, no leafs at the trees, perfect for bird photography.

Golden Sunrise at Crete Senesi, Tuscany - Landscape

Sunrise at Crete Senesi in Tuscany


Podere Belvedere – The most photographed farmhouse in Tuscany

The Podere Belvedere is the iconic location for landscape photographers. The old farmhouse offers an impressive panorama over the tuscan countryside. One of the most beautiful spots in Italy.

I visited the spot twice and always got company. A lot of photo workshops visit the location with its constantly changing conditions. If you are looking for a peaceful spot for yourself, that’s not the place to be.

Podere Belvedere during Sunrise - Landscape in Tuscany

Podere Belvedere – Farmhouse at Val d’Orcia – Tuscany

Val d’Orcia – Hotspot for Landscape Photographers

Podere Belvedere is located in the middle of Val d’Orcia. One of the most beautiful places I have ever been. And the best thing about it: You can easily find lots of unique landscape compositions, no matter how many tourists are around you. Nearly every angle of the valley is worth a photo.

I highly recommend using a telephoto lens (I brought my Pentax 150-450mm) and discover Val d’Orcia from one of the hills. The following landscape photo was taken from the same position as the previous shot of Podere Belvedere.

Tip:  telephoto lens helps to teach your photographic eye and unveils your creativity. Give it a try!

Glowing morning fog at Val d'Orcia with a Telephoto Lens

Glowing Morning Fog at Val d’Orcia


Crete Senesi – The underrated part of Tuscany

If you are looking for more silence I can recommend the Crete Senesi. The area is not as popular as the Val d’Orcia, but offers similar views and marvelous photo locations.

I stayed at an Airbnb right next to the small village of Chiusure (where I got the best boar sauce of my life – Restaurant). The town itself is a photographic highlight. The evening sun dips the small houses in a beautiful orange light and outlines the village from the rough hill it’s build on.

Village Chiusure on a Hill during Sunset

Sunset at Chiusure – Landscape Photography in Italy

Agriturismo & Agriculture Photography

Another important part of the region is the agriculture. Most of the farmers have two income sources. On the one side, they sell their products (olive oil, wine, jam, fruits) and on the other side they offer rooms to tourists. You can find these accommodations under the term “Agriturismo”. If you are looking for a peaceful and authentic place, pick one of these offers.

The farm machinery is a fantastic subject for landscape photography in Tuscany. If you spot one of these machines during sunset, take your time and wait for the perfect moment. If the sun hits the dust behind the tractor, you will get some spectacular shots.

Agriculture Photography - Farm Machinery during Sunrise

Agriculture Photography – Sunset at Crete Senesi

Sorano – A hidden Gem in Tuscany

Last but not least: Sorano, a hidden village in the south of Tuscany. The town makes you fall back in history. My first thought: what a great piece of human engineering. The sun set perfectly behind me and added some pink tones to the scene.

Still, I can’t believe that humans build such a remarkable place without any help of industrial machines. If you ever get a chance to visit this peaceful town, take it!

Blue hour at Sorano - South of Tuscany, Italy

Landscape Photography at Sorano – Tuscany