Skye, a Scottish Island far away from the busy cities of this world. A place for nature lovers, hiker and landscape photographers. With just 10.000 residents it’s one of the less crowded areas I have ever visited. In some way it reminded me of my time in Canada, the only country where I experienced as beautiful mountainscapes (Rocky Mountains) as in Scotland (The Cuillin & Quiraing). The endless waterfalls, lonely hikes and thousands of sheep offer plenty of photo locations and make the Isle of Skye a unique place for travel photography.

Top Landscape Photo Spot: The Fairy Pools

If you are into long exposures don’t miss the Fairy Pools. The landscape is shaped by crystal clear water which cuts its way through the rough area. Lots of small waterfalls build a perfect contrast to the mountainscape and offer you great possibilities for your composition.

The hike to the first Pools takes around 20 minutes and starts from a public parking area. Depending on the season, this location can be really crowded. Due to this, I recommend getting up early or visit the Isle of Skye in April, May or September.

Moody Sky at the Fairy Pools - Landscape Photo

Exploring Isle of Skye: Waterfall at the Fairy Pools

Landscape Location: Neist Point Lighthouse

A truly remarkable spot is Neist Point. The small lighthouse is located on a high cliff and one of the classic Isle of Skye postcard images. The perfect time to capture this beauty is in the evening hours while the sun hits the coast.

It takes around one hour to drive from Portree to the Lookout by car (be careful of sheep on the road!). The place itself is not as quiet and peaceful as you would imagine. I shared the location with fifty other photographers and tourists, all trying to picture the lighthouse.

Sunset at Neist Point Lighthouse - Scottish landscape Photography

Scottish Landscapes: Sunset at Neist Point Lighthouse

Isle of Skye Photography: The Quiraing

Looking for a hike with a view? Take a look at the Quiraing. The region was formed by a great series of landslips and can be pictured from different angles. Due to that, take different types of lenses with you (a wide angle and a longer focal length). You will be amazed of the different results!

In addition, I would recommend the Quiraing Hike which takes around three hours of walking. The loop covers a distance of seven kilometres and leads you to several hidden needles and pinnacles. Once again, get up early to experience the morning light.

Blue Sky over the Quiraing Mountains - Isle of Skye Photo Spot

Surreal Photo Spot: Lookout at the Quiraing

Landscape Panorama: The Old Man of Storr

The must-see attraction for landscape photography is the Old Man of Storr. The location got pictured by so many photographers, but is still worth it. No other location got me like this fantastic rock formation.

I started my hike at 5AM and walked 45 minutes up until I found my final composition. The sunrise hit the Old Man with a warm light and made this a perfect morning. No other people, just me, my camera and this beautiful view. Don’t miss this hike!

Sunrise at the Old Man of Storr - Isle of Skye Photography

Isle of Skye Landscape Photography: The Old Man of Storr

Highlight: Lambs and Sheep in Scotland

Visiting the Isle of Skye without taking a picture of sheep is not possible. The whole island is covered with white dots. Even if you hit a lonely road, I bet you will find a sheep nearby.

Furthermore, I was quite lucky to visit Skye during April. The Island was full of new born lambs standing next to their mothers. I took some time to picture these shy animals in a proper way, but I made it. Aren’t they cute?

Lamb with Mother Sheep at the Isle of Skye

More sheep than residents: Isle of Skye in Scotland

Landscapes by Drone: Highlands & Isle of Skye

Once again, I took my drone with me and created a short movie to outline the whole beauty of this country. It consists of short clips from the Isle of Skye and my way through the Highlands. Enjoy!


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