Welcome to Alberta, one of the most beautiful areas for Landscape Photography on our planet. Besides British Columbia, it’s the Travel Region number one in Canada. Millions of people travel to Banff National Park and Jasper National Park to visit world-famous attractions like Lake Luise or Moraine Lake. But even at these place it’s possible to discover hidden landscape photo spots in Alberta and enjoy pure nature.

If you visit Alberta, go for a road trip. Start in British Columbia and drive your way up to the National Parks. You will be impressed by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. The nature spots along the roads and highways are amazing. For further information about Photo Spots in Canada take a look at my blog post about the Top 5 Photo Locations in British Columbia. Don’t miss it!

Famous Location: Moraine Lake

Let’s start with a hot spot for landscape photographers. Moraine Lake is a symbol for the natural richness of Canada. It’s not just the turquoise water or the enormous panorama of the Ten Peaks, it’s the feeling of being alive, surrounded by pure nature.

The best tip to enjoy and capture Moraine Lake? Walk! As one of the most famous attraction of Banff National Park, the lake is quite popular. If you want to find a perfect photo spot without any tourists, hike along the lake up to the Ten Peaks. It’s a tough hike, but the view is worth the pain!

Photo Spot in Alberta: Moraine Lake and the Ten Peaks

Photo Spots in Alberta: Moraine Lake and the Ten Peaks (Banff National Park)

Hidden Place: Morant’s Curve

If you are interested in train spotting combined with a panoramic view, drive to Morant’s Curve. The Photo Location in Alberta is not far from the center of Lake Louise and offers a great perspective of the Rocky Mountains and the rough Bow River.

Be careful at your arrival. There is just a small parking area next to the Curve, you can easily miss it. Park your car, cross the road and be patient. It may take an hour until the next train passes by, but the final composition will be great. One of my favorite photo spots in Alberta!

Train Spotting in the Rocky Mountains: Morant's Curve

Train Spotting next to the Rocky Mountains: Morant’s Curve

Photo Spots in Alberta: Peyto Lake

Ready for the most surreal lake you have ever seen? Then enjoy Peyto Lake with its turquoise water. I couldn’t imagine that this lake is real. It looks like a Photoshop composition. The reason for this spectacular color are small particles in the water, which reflect the sunlight.

To capture the best view, walk up to the Bow Summit Lookout. The hike is short, but steep. Once again, you have to deal with plenty of tourists at the viewing platform. Reason enough to visit this spot in the evening or early morning.

Bow Summit Lookout: Panorama of the surreal Peyto Lake

Bow Summit Lookout: Panorama of the colorful Peyto Lake

Perfect Spot: Mt. Edith Cavell

As a true landscape photographer, you need to visit Jasper National Park at least once in your lifetime. Besides Banff, it’s the most famous park in Alberta. A great place to start is Mount Edith Cavell, one of the highest mountains around Jasper.

The hike to the top of the mountain is a unique journey. It already starts with a spectacular, curvy road up to the parking area and lasts with an amazing hike next to the melting glacier. Watch out for marmots, they are everywhere! A lovely photo spot in Alberta for every Landscape Photographer.

Perfect Photo Spots in Alberta: The Glacier of Mt. Edith Cavell

Perfect Photo Spot: Melting Glacier at Mt. Edith Cavell

Location on the Road: Waterfowl Lake

All the previous locations are close to Canadas famous Icefields Parkway. The next spot is right next to it. You can stop besides the road and enjoy the natural beauty of the Waterfowl Lake. The water is crystal clear, so take your shoes of and enjoy the cold water.

The possibilities for landscape photography at the lake are limited. There is no path around the lake who could lead you to an unique photo spot. If you are still looking for a great shot, try a low angle to get some action in the foreground. And don’t forget: Creativity is king!

Photo Location next to Icefields Parkway: Waterfowl Lake

Waterfowl Lake: The Beauty next to Icefields Parkway