Finally, after two busy months I got time to give you new updates about my Travel Photography in South-Tirol, Italy. It was a spontaneous trip, which was highly influenced by the bad weather in Germany. Additionally, I wanted to spend some time in the mountains to discover beautiful lakes and enjoy glowing sunsets in the Dolimites. Due to that, South-Tirol was the perfect choice with its warm climate, turquoise  water and rough mountains.

Another reason for this journey was my new DJI Mavic Pro, a small drone, which is designed for traveling. My plan was to create some nice drone footage, which I could use for a behind the scene’s movie. A tough job, if you think about all the extra weight in your backpack (camera, tripod, drone, remote control, batteries etc.). Nevertheless, everything worked out and I had a stunning time!

Meran – Bozen – Lago di Carezza

The first days of my trip were really cloudy. I spent two nights at a campground between Meran and Bozen and enjoyed the wonderful valley with its beautiful apple orchards and flat hiking trails.

My personal highlight was a small lake named Lago di Carezza. The turquoise water in front of the mountains was perfect for some outstanding landscape shots (even when the sky was pretty cloudy). Tip: Don’t park next to the lake; there are way to many tourists. I preffered one of the beautiful hikes leading to the location (Route No.8).

Lake Lago di Carezza in the Dolomites

Turquoise Lake: Lago di Carezza

Night in the Mountains: Three Peaks

There is nothing as great as spending a night in the middle of the mountains! After two relaxing days next to Bozen it was time for some real hiking in the Dolomites. Sexten in the Pustertal was the perfect base to start a journey to the three peaks.

The way up was exhausting, but full of beautiful panorama views. Especially the three peaks hit me with their power and greatness. A real jewel of South-Tirol. I was whacked after my arrival at the the top, but still motivated enough to watch the sunset, the stars at night and the sunrise. It was a day without much sleep, but a wonderful experience!

Glowing Sunset over the Three Peaks

Glowing Sunset: The Three Peaks

Panorama View: Lago di Dobbiaco

Even a Travel Photographer needs to rest at some point. Due to that, I spend my last two nights at a campsite next to the Lago di Dobbiaco. The water was really calm and crystal clear. Soft reflections and steep mountains offered me a perfect postcard look for some lovely pictures.

The lake was not really crowded; no annoying tourist groups who just step out of their guided tour bus for a few pictures. If I compare this location with the famous Lake Braies, it’s heaven. In my opinion nature should always be as a peaceful place and not as tourist attraction. All in all Lago di Dobbiaco was the perfect choice for the last days!

View over South-Tirol: Lago di Dobbiaco

Outstanding View: Lago di Dobbiaco

Landscapes of South-Tirol by Drone

I already mentioned my new drone as an additional gadget outstanding landscape captures during my trips. As a travel photographer, it’s always important to travel with lightweight to be flexible. Still, it was definitely a great idea to carry the additional weight of the DJI Mavic Pro with me. I recorded nearly every day and enjoyed the new possibilities with the drone. Take a look at my first movie and enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of my trip to South-Tirol.