New York: My Top 5 City & Architecture Photo Spots

The Big Apple is a hot spot for photographers. I never saw that many people with a camera and a tripod as in New York City before. Especially the famous Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge are full of people trying to take the perfect shot of this beautiful city.

My favorite locations are a mix of famous photo spots you might already know and several less crowded places for your inspiration. They are all connected to downtown Manhattan, which is my favorite disctrict. Take a look at the best City & Architecture locations:

Washington St – Brookyln:

My first photo location is one of my personal highlights. It’s a manhole cover at the end of Washington St. The place itself offers a great view on one of the pillars of the famous Manhattan Bridge. The architecture of the houses frames the bridge perfectly. You can read the initials of New York City, if you choose a low angle. I love this photo spot!

Urban City: Brooklyn – Streets of New York City.

Viewpoint: Top of the Rock

The visitors platform on the Rockefeller Center is a great photo spot to capture the skyline of New York City from above. The big advantage to the Empire State Building is the fact, that you have free view without any fences or a net. From the top it’s a clear view in all directions: On the one hand you are able to take a shot of the skyscrapers with the Empire State Buildung and the One World Trade Center and on the other hand you are free to enjoy the view over Central Park. Give it a try!

Cityscape: Manhattan – The Glowing Beauty.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

If you are looking for a great view on the Manhattan Skyline, I highly recommend this location on the left side of Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s next to the pier and offers a clear view on the skyscrapers. The posts in the foreground are perfect to create a image with depth. Tip: be there an hour before sunset, the place is quite popular with photographers.

Cityscape: Hudson River – Light it up.

Manhattan Bridge

Nearly all places on the Manhattan Bridge offer a spectacular view over the roofs of the Big Apple. This perticular spot on the bridge is less crowded and offers a different perspective. It’s located at the end of the bridge (If you take the left lane starting from Brooklyn) and outlines the dirty side of downtown. The graffitis create an urban look and form a great contrast to the financial district next to them.

Urban City: Graffitis – Dirty Manhattan.

Staten Island Ferry

Even if you are not a photographer, take the ferry to Staten Island! The transfer is for free and offers a great panorama view over the city. You can spot the Statue of Liberty and capture the skyline with the One World Trade Center from a differnt perspective. Try to be one of the first passengers on the ferry, otherwise you won’t get a good spot on the boat.

Cityscape: One World Trade Center – Keep it Simple.

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