My Top 5 Landscape Photo Spots on Tenerife

My first blog post! Let me introduce you Tenerife, a paradise for Landscape Photographers. If you are looking for some outstanding photo spots, visit this unique island. Tenerife is part of the Canaries, located in the Pacific Ocean. The variety of different climate zones offers a diversity of landscapes and geological formations which are perfect for marvelous nature shots.

This beautiful island raised my passion for Travel Photography. It was my first trip without any travel companion, just me and my camera. I spend a whole week there to improve my photography skills and capture this extraordinary countryside; more than enough time to discover some of the most remarkable locations for landscape photographers:

Lava fields: Güímar

The lava fields next to Puertito de Güímar are perfect for mystique landscape shots. The best photo spots are close to the water; perfect for long exposures! I recommend the easy hike from Puertito de Güímar to El Socorro. You will find some of the most beautiful places for landscape photography along the route.

Rough Sea at Puertito de Güímar
Landscape: Mystique morning in Güímar.

Hidden Valley: Masca

The Masca Valley is surrounded by green mountains. This beautiful part of tenerife is a outstanding place to enjoy pure nature. It’s quite easy to find a nice spot for your camera in this area. Just follow the road through the valley and stop at some of the viewing platforms. If you are a sporty person, go for a hike in the mountains; it’s worth it!

Shining Landscape at Masca, Tenerife
Landscape: Shining dust over the Masca Valley.

Lonely Ruins: El Puertito

This location was a real surprise. I planned to spend some hours at the beach and walked from El Puertito to La Caleta. On my way I discovered these lost ruins. They don’t look really old (maybe an unfinished hotel), but are a great place for landscape shots. Tip: Take a walk through the ruins and try different angles.

Unfinished work at El Puertito
Ruins: Unfinished work at El Puertito.

Cloud Forest at Tenerife: Taganana

Don’t skip this cloudy forest! The old trees on the path from Casa Forestal to Taganaga offer you plenty landscape photo spots. Take a look around and you will find remarkable geological formations for your perfect picture of tenerife. Be careful, the weather can change really quickly in this area.

Living Forest next to Taganana.
Living Forest next to Taganana.

Landscape Panorama: San Andrés

The panorama road from San Andrés to Iqueltste promises you a fantastic view over the beach and the mountains. It’s hard to find a nice place for your tripod along the road. The small street with plenty of curves is dangerous. My favorite landscape photo spot is close to San Andrés. You can easily reach it after two minutes of driving. Stop your car at the first viewpoint and take a look around!

Landscape Photography: Colorful village San Andrés.
Landscape: Colorful village San Andrés.


  1. Really breathtaking work. Those lava fields! Oh my- I feel like I need to see that in person now. I am really quite horrid at taking photos for my blog and am on a quest to improve this year! How do you travel with your camera with the airlines?
    Beautiful site.

  2. Well designed and presented blog. Photos in very good detail and color. Best of luck!

  3. Very nice pictures of the tenerife landscape! Next time I am there, i will visit these great photo Spots. Thank you for this great blog and keep on going!

  4. Impressive! Tenerife is such a beautiful island. Thanks for sharing all the informationen about the landscape locations and photo spots. Got some new ideas for my next trip!

    Best regards

    1. Thanks a lot Michelle, I am glad that you like the article. Tenerife is just a perfect place for landscape photography. Have fun during your next trip!

  5. Wow, amazing landscape pictures from tenerife. This island is so beautiful.
    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the great tips about landscape photography on tenerife. I got some new photo-spots for my next trip in august this year. Thanks for sharing the information about tenerife!

    Greetings from Ireland

  7. Your pictures are amazing! I am really looking forward to see all these photo-spots by myself in august!

    Maybe you could write some more posts about Landscape Photography (not only tenerife).

    See ya!

  8. Respect, your images from tenerife are really beautiful. You have great skills in landscape photography Lukas!

    1. True words. I am really excited to see more landscape shots from your trips!

      One of the best travel photographers I’ve seen in the last years.

  9. Perfect landscape pictures!

    Tenerife is such an amazing island. Can’t get enough of this rough vulcano <3

  10. Thanks for the great tips for tenerife, nice pictures by the way!

    MK Landscape Photographer

  11. Wonderful shots! I love tenerife and its people, such a wonderful island 🙂

    Your landscape pictures are so beautiful! Thanks a lot for sharing your creativity with the world!

    – Susan

  12. Love your pics!

    Tenerife is such a great island: Lovely Landscapes and a wonderful culture.

    – Neal

  13. Professional Photographs! Keep up that work and thanks for the great locations.

  14. Thanks a lot for the photo-spots of Tenerife. I visited them all during my trip 🙂

    By the way: I am a huge fan of your landscape photography!

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