Let me introduce you the beautiful capital of Poland. I recently came back home from my photography trip to Warsaw. A wonderful city, which is definitely underrated. If you are able to deal with some smog, you will have great time in this city. The old town is full of small cafes and little shops. A perfect place to enjoy food and the hospitality of the local people. Moreover, you can discover a lot of attractions for Urban & City Photography, especially if you are interested in design and architecture. But see it for yourself and discover the best places for City Photography in Warsaw!

National Stadium: PGE Narodowy

The National Stadium is my favorite piece of architecture in Warsaw. The stadium appears in a modern look and is located next to the Vistula river. During the winter you can even go ice-skating on the pitch.

The best time to capture PGE Narodowy is at night. The stadium is illuminated with white and red lights until midnight, which is perfect for spectacular city photography. You can walk around the whole stadium to find the best point of view. Tip: use the street lights to improve your shot!

City Photography in Warsaw: National Stadium PGE Narodowy

Abstract Art of Photography: National Stadium PGE Narodowy

City Photography in Warsaw: Palace of Culture

The Palace of Culture and Science is the tallest building in Poland and the main attraction in Warsaw. A lot of people hate it, because it’s a symbol for the former Soviet domination. Still, it is a unique construction and great subject for every city photographer.

You can walk around the palace to take a picture or buy a ticket to go up to a panorama platform. The tower is illuminated at night and changes the colors. I didn’t get a chance to see a sunset from the top, but if you get a chance, take it. The view is awesome!

Architecture in the city centre: The Palace of Culture

City Photography in Warsaw: The Palace of Culture

Metro Station: at Plac Wilsona

The station at the Plac Wilsona already won an award for the best constructed metro station. It is located at the M1 line and only three stops away from the center of Warsaw. The highlight is the ceiling with its colorful light construction.

The trams are driving by every three minutes. Perfect conditions to get them combined in a long exposure. I love it to outline the speed and power of a train with this modern architecture. Don’t miss this outstanding urban photo spot!

Design meets Photography: Metro Station at Plac Wilsona

City Design: Metro Station at Plac Wilsona

City Photography & Culture: Łazienki-Park

One of the most beautiful parks in Warsaw is Łazienki-Park. It is full of historical buildings, which are perfect for architecture photography. I only got the chance to see the park in the winter month, but it must be even greater to visit the park in the summer.

Most of the buildings in the area are symmetrical. Due that, it’s great to capture them right from the center. The best time to take pictures is during the blue hour, when the colors of the sky turn into purple and blue. Give it a try!

Culture & Architecture in Warsaw at Łazienki-Park

Culture & City Photography: Łazienki-Park

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