Bangkok was my second destination after my time in Singapore. The main reason for my visit was connected to the Institute for Management Education & Culture (IMEC). The institute offers business trips for students and Young Professionals who are looking for additional experience in global business & intercultural management.

I accompanied the group of nearly thirty students for five days with my camera and featured the trip on different Social Media Channels (Facebook & Instagram). The schedule was really tough, but still a perfect mix of business, culture, adventure and fun for the whole group. Enjoy my personal and photographic highlights.

Adventure: Water Safari

One of the highlights of the trip was the water safari with our guides from Bangkokvanguards. The students planted mangroves to save the local forest and had a lot of fun during various water activities.

It was tough to photograph in the hot sun in the middle of the day. The direct light was really intensive and made it impossible to get some nice shadows or a colorful background.

IMEC Water Safari: Lunchtime on a manmade Platform

IMEC Water Safari: Lunchtime on a manmade Platform

Culture: Railway Market

Another interesting part of the tour was the Maeklong Railway Market. The Young Professionals got the chance to discover the local culture and traditional dishes. The market is famous for its spectacular train, which crosses the booths once a day.

The small town is perfect for Street Photography. The remarkable old vendors and special types of food offered great subjects for my camera. Tip: capture the train!

Maeklong Railway Market close to Bangkok

Maeklong Railway Market next to Bangkok

IMEC Business: Company Visit

The most important parts of a business trip are the company visits. One of the highlights was the visit of the production halls of Samba / Dickies. The IMEC Young Professionals got firsthand information about the manufacturing process and were allowed to build a toy car on their own.

Photography in production halls is is not easy. The low industry light forced me to shoot with a high ISO to get at least some brightness in the pictures. Tip: bring a high-speed lens for good results.

Company Visit: Samba / Dickies Manufacturing in Thailand

Company Visit: Samba / Dickies Manufacturing in Thailand

Private Work: Baiyoke Tower

My last day in Bangkok offered me some free time for City Photography at night. I decided to go on top of the Baiyoke Tower, which offers a outstanding perspective over Bangkok.

The rotating panorama platform on top of the skyscraper offered a nice view, but didn’t allow me to photograph with my tripod. Due to that, I decided to shoot trough the windows from the floor below and capture the beautiful streetlights of downtown. What an impressive view!

City Photography: Downtown Bangkok at Night

City Photography: Downtown Bangkok at Night

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