Dezember, 2019 – Veröffentlichung als Backdrop für Konzerte des deutschen Rappers Vega
Vega ist einer der erfolgreichsten deutschen Rapper. Sein Album „V“ erreichte im Jahr 2019 Platz 5 in den deutschen Albumcharts.

November, 2019 – Veröffentlichung im CruiseLife magazine – Winter / Frühling
“CruiseLife magazine is published twice-yearly for Swiss river cruise operator Scylla AG. Scylla operates a fleet of more than 30 river cruise vessels on the Rhine, the Danube and the Douro as well as many other major European waterways.” – Scylla AG

Mai, 2019 – Veröffentlichung als Pentax Fotograf
Auf der PXP Plattform werden nur ausgewählte internationale Pentax Fotografen veröffentlicht.

27. September, 2018 – Veröffentlichung im Buch „The Hidden Tracks“
„Scenic trails, adventures off the beaten track, and pristine hiking destinations around the world.“
– Gestalten

5. Juni, 2017 – Winner „Spark of Genius“ Assignment
Wow, what an inspiring location. This stone archway-bridge that extends over the water makes for such a great natural frame for the photo. Love the reflection and the lush green tones that you have here with your color toning.
– Matt Adams, Produzent, Nat Geo Your Shot

11. April, 2018 – Photo of the Day – Power of Nature
“Nice exposure, good timing and wonderful composition! Bravo!”
– fstoppers Mitglied

11. März, 2018 – Photo of the Day – Budapest
“Very beautiful – and colors are tonality are fabulous! A great rendering of this location”
– privater Kommentar

29. Januar, 2018 – Photo of the Day – Glowing Sky
“Beautiful picture, amazing atmosphere, great composition, well done”
– fstoppers Mitglied

10. Juni, 2017 – Photo of the Day – Rough Sea
“What a wonderful piece of mother nature. The rough sea, impressive cloud formations and a natural bridge in the middle of the ocean. Pure nature.”
– fstoppers Mitglied

4. April, 2017 – Photo of the Day – Downtown Dubai
“A perfect shot, well deserved title! You are a special photographer with outstanding pictures!”
– privater Kommentar

6. April 2020 – Architecture and the Night – Contest Sieger
„Congrats, well deserved. You have a brilliant eye for compositions!“
– viewbug Mitgliedr

2. Februar, 2020 – Early Signs of Winter – Contest Finalist
„Beautiful shot! Nicely done!“
– Viewbug Mitglied

22. Januar, 2020 – Huts and Cabins – Contest Finalist
“Wow, I didn’t even know that such a beautiful place exists. Stunning!”
– Viewbug Mitglied

7. Januar, 2020 – All about Layers – Contest Finalist
„My personal favorite, this composition is simply perfect. Highly recommended photographer!“
– Viewbug Mitglied

5. Dezember, 2019 – Composing with Arches – Contest Finalist
„Wow … A skillfully well crafted image/scene.“
– Viewbug Mitglied

2. Februar, 2019 – My Escape – Contest Finalist
„Lovely image – A perfect landscape composition“
– privater Kommentar

11. Januar, 2019 – Night Wonders – Contest Finalist
„What a Beautiful night! Perfect composition. Very exquisite and full of grace. I love it.“
– privater Kommentar

19. November, 2018 – People Hiking Project – Contest Finalist
„Great contrast! I love your eye for the detail!“
– privater Kommentar

12. Oktober, 2018 – Lakes and Reflections – Contest Finalist
„Well done. I love it.“
– viewbug member

10. Juni, 2018 – My City Photo – Contest Finalist
„That’s one brilliant photo. Plaudits.“
– viewbug Mitglied

15. Mai, 2018 – Rule Of Seconds – Contest Finalist
„Great atmosphere, lighting, sharpness, details and framing. Well done!“
– privater Kommentar

30. April, 2018 – Hall of Fame – Three Peaks
„Great work. I love the contrast of the red jacket!“
– privater Kommentar

5. Juli, 2017 – 80 Stays around the World – Contest Finalist
„Fantastic image in so many ways, you nailed it!“
– viewbug Mitglied

4. Juli, 2017 – Image of the Month – Contest Finalist
„Insane… One of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Congrats!“
– viewbug Mitglied

15. August, 2017 – Social Exposure – Contest Finalist
„Excellent work, tack sharp, impressive location, great perspective and a outstanding composition.“
– private comment

29. August, 2017 – Awesome Puddles – Contest Finalist
„Simply perfect!“
– viewbug Mitglied

8.Februar, 2018 – ausgewählt für die „Best of 2017“ Exhibition in Mailand, Italien
„Breathtaking view and so clear, congratulations. Well done.“
– GuruShots Mitglied

7. Juli, 2017 – Gewinner – Night Shots Challenge
„What prints are made of….impressive…“
– GuruShots Mitglied

12. Juni, 2017 – Print im Buch „Powerful Shots“
„Well deserved. I can’t wait to see your image in the first GuruShots book. Keep up the great work!“
– GuruShots Mitglied

23. März, 2017 – Gewinner – Night Shots Challenge
„Wow, your night shots are amazing. Especially the reflections are so beautiful.“
– GuruShots Mitglied