My Top 5 Landscape Photo Spots in British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The area is a paradise for landscape photographers from all over the world. If you want to enjoy real nature, visit this westernmost province of Canada with its endless roads, crystal clear lakes and the impressive Rocky Mountains. Nowhere else, it’s possible to feel nature as pure as in BC. Take a look and don’t skip these natural wonders!

Joffre Lakes Provincial Parks

The beautiful turquoise water of the Joffre Lakes is amazing for landscape photography. The lakes are surrounded by trees and white mountain peaks, a perfect combination to picture the wonderful nature in British Columbia.

Don’t go for the first spot on your way! If you walk around the lake, you will find some lonely photo locations without any people walking by. Tip: Be prepared for midges, they are everywhere, especially in the summer!

Turquoise Water: Lower Joffre Lake

Lookout: Cypress Mountain

The panorama view from Cypress Mountain is stunning. It offers a wonderful perspective of the Pacific with all its small Islands. The hike to the lookout is not really easy and takes around two hours.

Make sure to take the walk on a sunny day, otherwise you could get stuck in the clouds and won’t see anything. Don’t take your pictures from the main viewpoint. Try to find some free spots between the trees to get a nice foreground to get some depth in your shots.

Panorama View: Cypress Mountain

Mount Robson: Kinney Lake

Take a look  at this outstanding lake. This location is one of my favorite places in Canada. The famous hike through the Mount Robson National Park provides a variety of different landscapes.

The most popular attraction is the Kinney Lake with its crystal clear water. You can reach it within one hour if you start from the tourist centre. Don’t stop at the beginning of the lake, take a walk around the whole place to discover several magnificient photo locations.

Pure Nature: Mount Robson National Park

Pacific Coast: White Rock

White Rock is a small town next to the US Border. The area itself is not really spectacular for landscape photography, but if you take walk along the coast you can find some nice locations.

My favorite spot is on the White Rock Pier. The pier is a great place to watch the sunset over the countryside. The boats along the pier offer a perfect foreground for some oustanding photos.

Glowing Sunset at the Blue Hour: White Rock

Lillooet: Seton Lake

The Seton Lake does not fit in the typical image, people normally draw of Canada. The area around Lillooet is shaped by rough canyons and a dry countryside. A perfect place to experience a glowing sunset.

Its quiet easy to find a nice location for your landscape pictures. Take the main road and stop as soon as you can see the lake next to you. From the parking spot you can walk straight to the water. Enjoy the view!

Rough Canyons: Sunset at the Seton Lake


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