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Lukas Petereit

"My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport."

Photography is my passion. It unleashes my creative soul and helps me to picture the beauty of this world in a proper way. I love to discover the power of nature, to explore outstanding cities and to interact with different kinds of persons and cultures. Every photo is a part of my identity, highly influenced by my thoughts and feelings.

My journey started in 2015: I bought my first DSLR. After several months of practicing, I realized that the combination of traveling and photography should become the most important part of my life. The possibility to travel around the globe is an outstanding privilege of our generation. My camera gives me the opportunity to capture all these beautiful places in a personal, unique way. 

See the world in a different light and follow my journey!

Trips 2016

New York - USA

San Francisco - USA

Westcoast - USA

Vancouver - Canada

British Columbia - Canada

Calgary - Canada

Miami - USA

San Jose - Costa Rica



León - Nicaragua

Copan - Honduras

El Salvador

Antigua - Guatemala

Bastei - Germany

Dresden - Germany

Leipzig - Germany

Berlin - Germany

Mount Robson National Park - Canada

Mount Robson National Park - Canada

Trips 2017


Tirol - Italy

Algarve - Portugal

Lisbon - Portugal

Porto - Portugal

Allgäu - Germany

Warsaw - Poland


Bangkok - Thailand

Dubai - UAE

Stubai Valley - Austria

Kromlau - Germany

Dublin - Ireland


The Skyline of Downtown Dubai - UAE

The Skyline of Downtown Dubai - UAE